Thursday, August 25, 2005

What a Tiger wants

Just playing around with my new machine (iMac G5 20 inch, 2GHz) and OS. Here's a list of things you will probably want to install if you're in the same situation:

Firefox (with extensions Document Map, AniDisable, Flashblock, textareatools; Enhanced Bookmark Search does not seem stable, unfortunately)
iTunes Monitor
X-Chat Aqua

Unix heads will want to get Fink, which I found to be superior to DarwinPorts, but that's just my particular mileage. I also like Audio Recorder.

You'll also want to switch off auto-installing of Dashboard things (security vulnerability! find it in Safari settings), make Firefox your default browser (ironically, this is also done in Safari settings), get rid of the Dashboard icon, (more to follow...)

You may also want to get the following video players:
MPlayer OS X 2
Windows Media Player

I don't know what the deal is with RealPlayer at the moment - I don't seem to need it...

These not-strictly-necessary-but-currently-more-compliant messengers (Adium actually supports both protocols):
Microsoft Messenger


Alexander Somma said...

Frist off you need to clear away them other coments. They're spamy.

Second off props to you n the cool post.

Philipp said...

Thanks Alexander. Looks like you've got some interesting projects going yourself. And some spam. ;)