Monday, August 07, 2006

Office suite disk sizes

All figures for win32:

  • Abiword + Gnumeric - 87MB
  • OpenOffice 2.0 - 203MB
  • WordPerfect Office X3 Trial - 395MB
  • MS Office 2003 (including InfoPath and Publisher) - 664MB
  • MS Office 2007 beta (recommended install) - 1505MB
  • MS Office 2007 beta (exluding Outlook) - 1448MB
  • MS Office 2007 beta (excluding InfoPath, Publisher and Visio Viewer) - 1317MB
  • MS Office 2007 beta (excluding Outlook, InfoPath, Publisher and Visio Viewer) - 1259MB
  • MS Office 2007 beta (full install) - 1641MB
Unselecting all the templates, clipart, etc. shaves off another 20MB - fairly insignificant! Unselecting everything leaves 751MB, which presumably is composed of shared application libraries - maybe this is the engine that draws the new widgets - ribbon etc.? I just can't help thinking Office 2007 will give an entirely new meaning to bloatware. Someone said in the PC Pro issue that I got the beta from that Microsoft had specified not to include on the same CD. The columnist felt that this was a mistake because MS Office would win in a direct comparison of features. In a direct comparison of bloat, wins hands down. Note that dates back to October 2005, yet still has a smaller footprint than the version of MS Office released in November 2003. I hope I'll have time to check out memory consumption.

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