Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Apple wishlist

After a few folks around the net have come up with similar ideas, there is no incentive for me to remain silent, so I'll give a quick run-down of what I would like to see from Apple:
  • Cinema displays with multi-touch technology and inbuilt cameras. The window of opportunity is small, because purely projector-based technologies are catching up (you've seen the pictures on the web), but seeing that the iPhone has been in development for two and a half years already, I wouldn't rule it out that they have a head start on putting the technology into cinema displays.
  • Voice recognition in Leopard: Vista has it (can't wait to play with it), so Apple is under pressure. I've no doubt Jobs knows how to beat Microsoft. Remember how he had the Mac talking to him in the keynote where he introduced the Macintosh? I want a repeat run, but for real this time. You just put ELIZA on the other end, and there you go! (I'm sure they can find something that beats ELIZA if they shop around...)
  • Ultraportable and professional laptop (i.e. in the MacBook Pro line): Apple needs to compete in this segment. First off, some have suggested that this would be a slate. I seriously doubt that this would satisfy the needs of the market; even if voice recognition could be used to enter text (and you'll realise that this is an entirely new challenge that you need to retrain yourself for once you try it), this has privacy and nuisance issues when travelling, which is what an ultraportable is really for. I'd also like to see the battery life compete with Lenovo and Sony.
Oh, and people who say that Apple is under pressure to license Mac OS X to everybody else have a poor understanding of Apple's business model. (Mac OS X is what sells Macs - take a few minutes to convince yourself that this is the case. Apple earn their pennies with hardware sales.) The rumour that OS X could be licensed is as old as that of the Marklar project, and it won't happen until there is a Linux distro that works as nicely with peripherals as OS X, especially in the areas of bluetooth and, to some extent, 802.11 (although power users have this working in combination with kismet). It'll be two years at least.

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