Saturday, March 26, 2005

Edinburgh Lib Dems disgrace democracy

This completely doesn't belong here, but since this is my only blog, here goes...

The Liberal Democrats in South Edinburgh play on the fact that people are fed up with Labour. With Lib Dems as second strongest party, they try and convince people they must vote Lib Dem if they don't want Labour. To emphasise the threat, they produce this bar chart in which Labour and Lib Dem bars are of equal height, and the Tory and SNP bars are about 1/3.

First point: The actual election results are, Lib Dem 10,005, Labour 9,847, Conservatives 5,180 and SNP 4,396. Hence, Tories have more than 50% of what Lib Dems have. That is, the Lib Dems' graph is a stark misrepresentation of actual election results.

Second point: Democracy in a nutshell works like this: whoever most people vote for, wins. By saying that Tories can't win, the Lib Dems are seriously perverting democracy - clearly, if everybody votes Tory, they win. In my humble opinion, one should vote for the party one most agrees with, because any party can win.

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