Friday, April 08, 2005

IT for the institute and beyond

I still intend to have a close look at the opensource graphing solutions some time, and give a talk on them. I may end up doing the same for the mathematical tools - could be a two-part series. Very early days, though. (But I could recycle the talks for a meeting of EdLUG, my local Linux User Group.)

More realistic is that I finish my IRC logging bot (hopefully complete with "grep" and "tail" interfaces) and get the department onto the server. All howtos and powerpoint presentations are prepared. I should get into gear! :)

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Philipp said...

The IRC logging bot is nearly fully functional - I hit an interesting problem with the flood limit on the test server - I can only post 2 lines every 2 seconds.

That means I need to learn how to spawn off the bot's query reply subroutine as a separate thread/process if I don't want the script to get pinged out when in heavy use. (A grep query which returns lots of hits will suffice, and I don't want to put a cap on the number of query results returned.)

So I'll probably have to learn about threading in Perl.