Saturday, October 01, 2005

Ideas for Website Baker

This is a post for Ryan Djurovich, the developer of Website Baker, one of the most user-friendly web content management systems (CMS) out there.

So here are the first few suggestions I have for the next version (v3):
  • in the navigation menu browser on the admin interface, remember which submenus were open and keep them open unless closed by the user
  • implement syndication (RSS)
  • make links update themselves automatically when a section is moved up or down the navigation menu hierarchy, or when media are moved between folders
  • make sure all main templates are W3C conformant so that people who enter html manually can check that it's correct without being inundated with error messages actually caused by the template
  • have an option to have the main menu horizontal and the submenus vertical - there are probably templates that allow this already
  • the wysiwyg html code generation needs some work - I can't remember the specifics of the problems I had, and for me they're easy to resolve using the raw html interface, but not for other people... Maybe it's still useful for me to mention it.

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