Thursday, October 13, 2005

One more thing?

After complaining about how Apple are driving the depreciation of value in their iPods by releasing too frequently, here's my commentary on their recent keynote:
  • The remote control is a very good example of Jef Raskin style interface design. Well done!
  • Who's going to buy music and videos when you have podcasts and movie trailers?
  • Your line-up has never looked this good? What's so great about a black and a white model? Give us some decent colour - what happened to black and red?
  • Amazon has had customer reviews for years - what took you so long? (To repeat that phrase used in relation to Apple's switch to the x86 architecture. Do I see a pattern of late adoptism here?)
  • Where's the productivity?
  • You didn't quote Mossberg on the scratchability of your iPods, did you?
  • Well done for dropping the eMac - I believe it no longer fits in the line-up (using Jobs jargon).
  • Congratulations on your taste of music - I've been following Wynton's music for years!
Now, I won't comment on the two major versions of iTunes within 5 weeks of each other, as the marketing strategy behind it, and the numbering scheme, seems straightforward to me.

In any case, hope you get better soon, Steve! (Healthwise, that is.)

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